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Important of Affordable email marketing software

Email channels provide the best results at cheap marketing costs for startups, small businesses, and enterprise-level businesses. Email is a highly engageable channel but the cost of various platforms is a barrier for your business. Here, we will explore some affordable email marketing software that fulfills your marketing needs without spending more money. 

So, guys let's start for robust results without load on the bank.

Affordable Email Marketing Software (1)

Budget-friendly tool helping to get more results without compromising with features.


Is email marketing worthy?

Of course, email marketing is the cheapest and most worthwhile channel for your marketing needs of any type of business like startups, small and medium businesses, or enterprises.

In the study, the report shows email marketing gives a higher ROI (return on investment) as compared to WhatsApp, SMS, and any other channels.


In litmus, a survey shows every 1$ investment on an email channel gives you 46$ in revenue. So, yes it is worth it for your business to spend money on email marketing.

But, you need to find valuable and affordable email marketing software with all of the features that will help your marketing strategy.


free & Cheap email marketing software

  1. mailchimp
  2. brevo
  3. convertkit
  4. mailerlite
  5. constant contact
  6. campaign monitor
  7. mailatmars
  8. hubspot
  9. benchmark email
  10. Moosend

we talk about each tool with pricing and features comparision.


Comparison Of affordable Email marketing software


Company Name Plan Based on contact or Sends Pricing Plan (Approx 100000 email OR 10000 contacts)
Mailchimp contacts $90
Brevo Email sends $129
ConvertKit contacts $119
MailerLite contacts $110
Constant Contact contacts $160
Campaign Monitor contacts $109
Mailatmars Email sends $69
HubSpot contacts $300
Benchmark Email contacts and email sends $100
Moosend contacts and email sends $89





Mailchimp is an email marketing software that was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong. Now it is acquired by Intuit. MailChimp is highly professional and gives more features beyond email marketing like the ability to build a shop, website, and many more.


Mailchimp Pricing 

Mailchimp's pricing model is contact base which means they will be charged on your contact that you save on the MailChimp contact list manager.

Mailchimp offers four types of plans free, essential, standard, and Premium.

  • Free :- 500 contact
  • Essentials :- 69$ for 10000 contacts
  • Standard :-  90$ for 10000 contacts
  • Premium :- 273$ for 10000 contacts

For affordable email marketing software, we compare standard plans. The standard plan covered all the features needed by email marketers.




Brevo formally known as Sendinblue was founded in 2007 it's a cloud-based sales and marketing solution. They offer various channels of marketing like email, WhatsApp, and SMS. brevo is a popular tool for large enterprises that need to send millions of emails in a month. It will be likely affordable as compared to Mailchimp and other tools.


Brevo Pricing

Brevo's pricing model is based on email sending and you can say on the credit base pricing system. It will be charged to your email that you send in a month.

Brevo offers three free plans free, starter, business, and enterprise.

  • Free: 9000 emails per month (300 emails/day)
  • Starter: $81 per month for 100000 emails
  • Business: $129 per month for 100000 emails
  • enterprise: contact brevo team

For a pricing comparison, we choose a business plan. Because other plans do not contain email AB testing and it is important to improve email campaign result




convertkit is Saas-based email marketing software that was founded in 2013. convert kit is more popular for content creators. It also provides features of form building. And supported plugins for WordPress and many other content management systems. They provide features for email designing, campaign analytics, and form building.


Convertkit pricing

Convertkit's pricing model is contact base which means they will be charged on your contact that you save on the Convertkit contact list manager.

convertkit offers three types of pricing plans newsletter, creator, and pro

  • Free: 10000 contact free
  • Creator: $119 for 10000 contact
  • Pro: $167 for 10000 contact

We have chosen a creator plan to compare with other cheap email marketing software. 



Mailerlite is also a known email marketing software with simple UI/UX is very helpful for users. mailerlite was founded in 2010 and it's also more popular among content creators and small businesses. also provides 50+ in-built integrations to connect with any other apps seamlessly.


MailerLite Pricing

mailerlite is also a contact-based pricing system, so it means they will charge according to the audience that you saved on mailerlite platform.

MailerLite offers three types of plans Free, Grow business, and advance.

  • Free: $0 for 1000 contacts
  • Grow Bussiness: $73 for 10000 contacts
  • Advanced: $110 for 10000 contacts

For MailerLite we choose the Advanced plan to compare pricing with other marketing tools.


Constant Contact


Constant Contact is a well-known email marketing service that helps to launch all types of email campaigns like newsletters, alerts, and invitations. Constant Contact was founded in 1995 by Randy Parker. It was helpful to design, automate, and auto-response your email channels.


Constant Contact pricing

constant contact is also charged based on contact list size.

Constant Contact offers three types of plans Lite, Standard, and Premium.

  • Lite: $120 for 10000 contacts
  • Standard: $160 for 10000 contacts
  • Premium: $275 for 10000 contacts

For constant contact, we can compare the Standard plan for pricing comparison. Because the lite plan does not contain email scheduling and personalization features it is most important for marketers.


Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004 and nowadays it is acquired by Marigold. Campaign Monitor provides best-in-class email marketing software with the features of email builder, automation, and list management. They are more popular with marketing agencies and marketing specialists.


Campaign Monitor Pricing

The campaign monitor is also charged by contact list size. So, accordingly pricing plan you will be careful in contact storing on the campaign monitor platform.

Campaign Monitor offers three plans lite, essential, and premier.

  • Lite: $109 for 10000 contacts
  • Essentials: $169 for 10000 contacts
  • Premier: $279 for 10000 contacts

For a campaign monitor, we compare the Lite plan with other affordable email marketing software. Because the lite plan contains all neccessary features for email marketers




Mailatmars is an easy-to-use and affordable email marketing software that impacts your business growth without spending more money. mailatmars was founded in 2016 by Ravi Gorasiya mailatmars is a fully featured and budget-friendly email marketing software that gives more benefits in less spend with 24/7 support chat or phone.

Mailatmars features

  1. Batch campaign system (to ensure your 100% inbox rate)
  2. Email Personalization
  3. A/B testing
  4. Built-in email editor
  5. Drip campaign (Series campaign)
  6. Advance Campaign Analytics
  7. Automation


Mailatmars Pricing

mailatmars is likely affordable as compared to other email marketing software without compromising features and service. mailatmars is a minimum of 30%-40% less cost as compared to other marketing software.

Mailatmars offers three types of plans free, lite, and premium.

  • Free: 0$ for 6000 emails per month
  • Lite: $59 for 100000 emails
  • Premium: $69 for 100000 emails

There is no time limit for credit expiration. Here we can compare the Premium plan with other affordable email marketing software. mailatmars all plans offer 24/7 WhatsApp support.




HubSpot is not just an email marketing software but it is a complete sales, marketing, and enterprise relationship management tool. They offer more channels beyond email and marketing. That's why they charged a premium but it is worth it for enterprises and large-scale businesses to pay a premium for extra features.


HubSpot pricing

HubSpot offers two types of marketing plans  free, premium

  • Free: free plan offers 300 emails per month
  • premium: $150 for 5000 contacts

There is no comparison between HubSpot and normal email marketing software. Because HubSpot is based on full customer relationship management software. It is not just marketing software.


Benchmark Email


Benchmark Email is a popular and affordable email marketing software it was founded in 2004. benchmark offers email design, list manager, and automation with 50+ integrated apps. It will be popular with agencies and email marketing specialists. 


Benchmark Email pricing


Benchmark email offers a flexible pricing plan. Contact-based and also provide a plan for send-based for high volume senders. Here we discussed contact email marketing plans.


Benchmark offers two types of plans free, pro.

  • Free: $0 for 500 email contacts
  • Pro: $89 for 10000 email contacts 


Benchmark Send-based pricing plan

  • $249 for 100000 email sends



Moosend a Sitecore company provides all-in-one marketing automation and customer relationship software at a very affordable price. moosend gives the ability to design, schedule, and automate your email sequence at a low cost. moosend provides a flexible plan for various business needs.


Moosend Pricing

Moosend provides plan-based contact and sends also. It means you can also pay based on the contact list saved and also pay according to your sending requirement.


moosend offers three types of plans free, pro, moosend+


  • Free: $0 for 1000 contacts
  • Pro: $88 for 10000 contacts
  • Moosend+: $100+ for 10000 contacts.

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